Two months ago I had it all going for me. A brand new job at a company that I actually liked, an ongoing application to study Journalism (which has always been my dream) and a new relationship. Then gradually it all started to fall apart. Relationship didn’t become what I had hoped it would be, a hiccup that popped up and threatened my admission and COVID19.

In two months, my life had changed from this wonderful dream that was unfolding into a complete nightmare, so like most people I panicked! Pulled back into my shell and completely fell into a routine of sleep, eat, Netflix, repeat! 

I woke up a couple of days ago feeling like a bum and it sucked! Mainly because I had become a bum not out of necessity, but by choice. I remembered a quote that I have said a million and one times over, “ If you don’t like it, change something”. As if the universe was trying to tell me something, my timeline was filled with posts of businesses and individuals who have found new ways to survive the times and ended up making more profit than they made before the outbreak of ‘“the virus”. It occurred to me that life had thrown me lemons and despite the VERY obvious choice from the popular saying, I couldn’t figure out what to do with them.

I work in the retail industry right now and my goal is to become a journalist in the next four to five years. Journalism is a very competitive industry, it always has been. I put my brain to work, did some research and found a solution to my little hiccup and got the admission to school, which working a full-time job might have made very difficult to do.

Researching this, I realized another problem.

in a couple of years, I am going to have a degree in journalism with zero experience. How will I get a job?

Since no one would hire me as a journalist right now without a degree, and it is possible no one would hire me as a journalist in the future without experience, what better time than now when I have almost nothing to do, to gain that experience?

So I went back to the table and  and figured out a way to not only build experience but to work on my skills in written and oral communication with proof which could be used on a resume. Haha, there’s my lemonade!

Your situation may seem different to mine and you might be thinking your lemons are different to mine. No it’s not, it’s all in the perception. As John C Maxwell said “People need to change their perspective, not their problem”. My challenge to you today is to think about the lemons on your desk and figure out away to turn those lemons into the best lemonade you could ever make.

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