Success means a lot of things to a lot of different people, some people describe it as having money or power or both. While those may be true, they are only so to those whose goals were to achieve money or power or maybe both. In other words, whilst success is peculiar to each person, It can be generally defined as the achievement of one’s desired goal.

After reading a lot of books on success, talking to mentors that I consider very successful and, trying out these principles, here are 4 important tips I found helped me achieve success time and time again:

  • Making clear and achievable goals. I wrote a post on “how to set achievable goals” a while ago. To learn more about this, click here
  • Being self-motivated – Once you have properly set goals one of, if not the most difficult task is keeping the fire in you burning long enough so you don’t quit when the storms hit. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule to being self motivated. Just as you need to keep adding fuel if you want to keep a real fire burning, being self motivated requires you to put in the work daily and never take your eyes off the prize. Good news is there are some ways to make things easier, but writing in depth about it will make this one very long post. So, I’ll write a followup post sharing some tips with you on how to stay self motivated.
  • Being prepared – About a year ago, I worked as a sales representative for one of the biggest telecommunications company in Canada. One of the key skills we were taught to develop was to be prepared at all times. Do some research to find out what skills and values are needed for that position of success you desire; Once you have that information, it’s time to do some work and start acquiring as many of those values and skills to make sure you are ready for the next step. 
  • Recognizing opportunity  – Have you ever heard the saying “success is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet”? Well it’s not a lie. The problem is, a lot of times recognizing opportunity can be just as difficult as waiting for one. Knowing when opportunity has presented itself requires you to be able to connect the dots between a situation, your preparation and your goal. Once you have successfully done that, the puzzle pretty much falls into place to reveal the big picture, and it becomes your choice to take or not take the opportunity.

If you found this post helpful or would like to share some tips on how you’ve achieved success in the past, let me know in the comment box below.

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