Let’s talk about #CancelCulture

I made a podcast recently on reasons why I do not support the idea of cancelling someone and it got a lot of positive review. I think I can say it definitely is my most reviewed post and that’s comparing it with my posts across all platforms.

If you’re wondering what cancel culture is, I’ve got you 🙂 

Cancel Culture simply put is, someone famous does something the society or even just a large group of people disagree with, so they decide that this famous person does not deserve to be famous or influential or get jobs anymore.

Sometimes the “reasons” to cancel someone are valid and I am not trying to undermine people’s feelings, but it is my opinion that the dangers the cancel culture poses to a society far outweighs whatever wrong this person could have done.

Forgiving someone does not mean you have to stay friends, It means you don’t become enemies.

Tracy F. Thomas

Asides the obvious wrong in playing GOD over someone’s life which I’m sure we don’t want to do, right? I spoke about other things such as:

  1. It goes against the principles of forgiveness.

Cancel culture takes us centuries back to an era of an eye for an eye and you know what comes with that. Yes, the whole world  goes blind!

I found that when I used to struggle with forgiving someone, it came with a lot of unhealthy feelings, not just towards that person, but towards other people in the form of transferred aggression. 

Forgiveness is often more important to the offended than the offender because it helps YOU move forward. A lot of times the offender forgets (or simply doesn’t care) about what they did or said. It’s the offended who remembers and keeps it in, either for the rest of their lives or until they forgive. I am not interested in letting someone live rent-free in my mind, are you?

  1. It is a pushback against growth.

When you cancel people, especially when you cutoff their source of livelihood,  you take the learning process away from them. What you have essentially done is not only prevented someone from learning and growing, but also successfully pushed out negativity into the world. Congrats, you’ve played us all!

The most dangerous people, I find are those with nothing to loose. 

Tracy F. Thomas

3. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

I personally cannot afford to cancel someone because I have made a lot of mistakes LOL. There are things we have all done that if we had half the following of these celebrities, we would have been cancelled for. And before you justify your wrong doings as not comparable, remember there’s no such thing as a big wrong or a small wrong. Wrong is wrong.

To round this off, I think it’s important to expressly state that I am not saying it’s okay to keep unhealthy people in your life, because it totally isn’t. It is okay to disagree with people’s opinions and, it’s okay to distance yourself from people you don’t want in your circle. However, what I don’t subscribe and strongly advice against,  is pushing hate towards anyone because that hate will have to come from somewhere inside you, and that is your heart.

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