Unbox Yourself

Boxes, oh how I’ve grown to very strongly not like them. Partly because I’m literally claustrophobic and although the reference here is figurative, a great part of my personal growth over the last couple of years has also been me unchecking boxes that either I put myself in or someone else put me there.

We mostly get into boxes as a reaction to how people treat us or listening to words spoken about us.

I once read somewhere that words are like seeds. This statement although very popular, is widely underestimated. This fact, I learned the hard way.

You see, we humans love to talk. Our voices must be heard and unfortunately not every word that is spoken has a positive impact. Quite frankly, I am as guilty as the next person if left unchecked. I like to talk and might I add, always have an opinion. However, what I have learned to do is try my best to know what opinion needs to come out and what opinion needs to stay under lock and key.

“if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”

In the spirit of sharing, one of the boxes I’ve struggled with getting out of for a really long time is ‘being lazy’ (I speak about this at length in the video below). Would you believe it took someone telling me in my late 20s how they didn’t understand how I could be so hardworking to realize I wasn’t a lazy person? I lived more than half my life thinking I was lazy, and though that made me constantly push myself to go above and beyond, it left me with a negative mindset that held me back from acknowledging my strengths and drawing from that positivity. Crazy right!

Anyways I started thinking more about boxes recently after coming across a video on social media that starts with the phrase “there are three types of people in this world” It goes further to divide real people with real situations, into three boxes (Watch the video below to learn more).

At first I watched the video and moved on, but one of my acquaintances posted the video on Instagram with a caption that broke my heart. I have had the pleasure of knowing her personally, but only a little of her struggles, and It made me sad to watch her let someone who knew nothing about her invalidate her experiences. I decided to share and discuss said video with one of my best friends and after a lengthy conversation on the topic, we decided I needed to say something about it.

You are more than you think you are. You haven’t even unlocked a fraction of your abilities. And as you continue to explore and discover yourself, I urge you to take yourself out of any boxes you might have found yourself in, because all they do is mentally put you in positions that limit your abilities.

I hope this post inspires you to not only acknowledge your strengths but to use it as a boost to propel you to your next level.

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