Jokes Should not be Cruel

I have a great sense of humour and certainly enjoy a good joke, but as someone who has lived a considerable part of their life trying to get over a specific cruel joke from decades ago, I do not think jokes should be cruel or harmful. 

I heard I was less than two years old when my mother left. My father was not home much either, so I spent most days with my grandfather. He was a fantastic storyteller, playmate, and best friend. So, when my father decided it was good for me to spend some time with my mother, I was less than thrilled because I did not want to be without my grandfather. 

The move was more fun than I anticipated. Unlike the big city, everyone seemed to know each other and children were allowed to roam free. Making friends was easy, and this town gave me Sarah, one of my childhood best friends. 

Phones were not common in this small town, so I could not speak with my granddad or grandpa as I called him. I looked forward to my father’s visits as an opportunity to know how grandpa and the rest of the family were doing. The gifts he brought were a welcomed bonus.

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Published by Tracy Thomas

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